BEEM by Heatsail is an outdoor light with heating and misting option.
Available in four sizes; 2300mm, 2900mm, 3900mm and 5200mm.
The version with cables is only to be used in sheltered areas (wind)

  • Two different heating settings
  • Control light, heating and cooling separately
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • FAR-infrared technology
  • Remote control included for lighting and heating 
  • Light dimmable with remote 
  • Powder coated aluminium profile, can stay outside whole year long 
  • Gepoederlakt aluminium profiel, kan het hele jaar buiten blijven  
  • Standaard kleuren zijn Midnight en Snow  
  • Integrated Misting
  • CE, IEC approved and SGS listed to UL and CAN/CSA standards 
  • Design lamp met verwarming


When it gets really too hot switch on the misting.
Integrated channels on both sides of the LEAF create a fine
mist. A combination of very small orifices and high pressure
lets water evaporate in the air before it makes your hair frizz.
It cools the surrounding air up to 15°C. Want to have control
on how and when? Use the smartphone app and you are the
cooling master.